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Test #1- Second Quarter (5) (1) - H Performance a Dybbuk I...

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Ashkenazim 1. Jews that trace their origin from Eastern and Northern Europe A. Sephardim 2. Jews that trace their origins to the Meditterranean regions A. Yiddish Words 3. Mensch A. Chutzpah B. Balls, guts a. Schmuck C. No gooder a. Ditz D. Someone who is not thinking well a. Schmiel E. Caniving individual a. Schmaltz F. Someone who is creative a. Klutz G. Clumsy person a. Schtick
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Unformatted text preview: H. Performance a. Dybbuk I. Trickster ±gure a. Evil Spirit b. Yiddish 4. German dialect A. Mix of Hebrew and German B. Star of David 5. Symbol for Judaism A. Comes from the near east B. Has an esoteric understanding C. Adopted by Jewish communities D. Prophet 6. One who speaks the word of God A....
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