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Zoroastrianism 1. Birth place is Persia (present day Iran) A. Capital of Zoroastrianism was Persepolis B. Started in 600 B.C. C. During the Axial Period a. Monotheistic religion D. Zorothustra Zoroastra E. Had an extraordinary experience at the age of 30 a. An angel brought him to the truth of the wise Ahura Mazda 1. His thoughts are passed on in the Gothas b. Shaitan F. Angra Mainyu a. Spenta Mainyu b. A term for "the lie" and the bad ±gure in the Zoroastrianism religion c. Avestta G. The Bible of Zoroastrianism a. Gives us aspects into Christianity b. Final Judgment 1. Eternal reward and punishment 2. Bodily Resurrection 3. Ethical dualism 4. Religions that classify groups of things as bad- practice ethical dualism
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Montanists A. Thought all marriage is bad a. Manichaeans B. The belief that the world is split into a good world and an evil world a. The Magi 3. They were a priestly class of Zoroastrianism in Persia A. Used a ±re ritual and astronomy B. Alexander the Great concurred Persia 4. Pagan's are those using any religion involving gods and nature (as holy) 5. Parsis 6. Descendants of Persians and live in India A. Have towers of silence (dewas) B. Has dead bodies and decaying bodies for being eaten by vultures a....
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