Test #1- Third Quarter (3)

Test #1- Third Quarter (3) - 1. Libido d. Our basic sexual...

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Jean Piaget 1. Lawrence Kohlberg 2. James Fowler 3. Erik Erikson 4. Developed the Psychological Stages of Life A. Infancy (birth-1.5years) a. Early Childhood (1.5-3years) b. Muscular-anal stage 1. Play Stage (3-6) c. School Age (6-12) d. Adolescence (12-18) e. Young Adulthood (19-40) f. Adulthood (40-65) g. Old Age (65-death) h. Sigmund Freud 5. Psychologist A. Different minds B. Super ego a. The understanding we have of moral and ethical principles that should 1. in±uence are decision making and curb our animalistic desires Ego b. One's understanding of who you are 1. Id c. One's animalistic and instinctual nature
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Libido d. Our basic sexual instinct 1. Freud was from Vienna, Austria C. Carl Jung 6. Early student of Freud A. He was Swiss B. Associated with individuation C. Archetype D. Jung de²nes it as seeing certain qualities re±ected in large numbers of a. people Shadow E. A side of the person that one does not show to everyone a. Animus/anima F. Animus- the male side of an individual a. Anima- the female side of an individual b. One posseses a combination of both c. "On the Waterfront" 7. Film of 1954 A....
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Test #1- Third Quarter (3) - 1. Libido d. Our basic sexual...

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