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Test #1- Third Quarter (4) - B Ennegrams 5 Classifying...

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On the Waterfront 1. New York is the setting A. Late 1940s early 1950s B. Chief protagonist is named Terry C. Joey Doyle is murdered D. Edie is the primary female character E. Lawrence Kohlberg 2. Jew from New York A. Committed suicide B. Psychologist C. Developed stages of moral development D. Attended Harvard and the University of Chicago E. Disciple of Piaget F. Jean Piaget 3. Developed theories on cognitive development A. From Switzerland B. Genetic Epistemologist C. James Fowler 4. Theology professor at Emory University A. Came up with stages of faith development
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Unformatted text preview: B. Ennegrams 5. Classifying personality types A. Initial origins perhaps in Persia B. Developed through major religions and the basic types of people C. Meant for self-understanding D. The Nine styles 6. The Good Person A. Politicians, government work a. The Loving Person B. Peace corps, nurses a. The Effective Person C. Vince Lombardi a. The Original Person D. The Wise Person E. The Loyal Person F. The Joyful Person G. The Powerful Person H. The Peaceful Person I....
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