Test #1- Third Quarter (5)

Test #1- Third Quarter (5) - D. Based off of Fr. Peter...

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Anne Sexton 1. Became interested in Catholicism at the end of her life A. John Newman 2. Spirit Reading 3. On The Waterfront 4. Longshoreman on the New York City docks A. A man is trying to stand up to a union B. He witnessed a murder and the union is covering it up C. The murder of a man who was standing up to the union a. Joey was the man murdered b. Fr. Barry is the priest in "On the Waterfront"
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Unformatted text preview: D. Based off of Fr. Peter Corrigan a. Characters E. Terry Malloy a. A former boxer 1. May date Edy 2. A part of the corrupt union because of his brother Charlie 3. Edy Doyle b. Joey Doyle c. Johnny Friendly d. Corrupt union leader 1. Charlie the Gent e. Terry's brother who has some college education 1....
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