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Test #2- First Quarter (1) - Chapter 4 Buddhism Began with...

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Chapter 4 Buddhism Began with one man: Gautama (Buddha) Gautama was not God but simply a man who "woke up" hence his name Buddha from the word Budh (to awaken) Also started in ancient India Buddhism teaches the discoveries of Gautama through his experience of awakening Discoveries: Humans are prone to suffer (we are in a state of disease and need treatment) Buddhism is a therapy of living (a cure to the disease) Life of Gautama His life is known more through legend than fact Buddha's life was not written down till hundreds of years later From Pampered Prince to Starving Ascetic Born 560 BC Siddhartha Gautama (real name) Family was Kshatrya class Father was ruler of a region in northern India Came out of his mother's side and strode seven paces , declaring his enlightenment. A sage affirmed this by examining his body as "perfect" His father wanted him to become a king Gautama grew up in luxury He married the prettiest servant in the palace and had 2 sons 2. The Four Passing Sights He discover these would not last forever He encountered these miseries first hand in the so called " the four passing sights " While he was traveling on the country side, his chariot passed a decrepit old man. He had never seen an old man and was shocked that this fate would be for everyone including himself On a second ride, he saw a diseased man . He asked how can one enjoy life if disease threatens us all? Gautama saw a corpse for the first time.with this he learned of death The ascetic religious man who explained to Gautama that he is looking for salvation from this world of suffering.
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Gautama leaves the palace forever to take the homeless life 3. The Great Going Forth At age 29 he gave up his life as a prince Gautama left to put end to old age and death He left the luxurious life to become a mendicant (a person who begs for necessities like food and clothes) This event in Buddha's life is called the Great Going Forward Gautama believed salvation laid beyond the meditative accomplishments. He was fond of fasting (as the legend tells of one os his meals: piece of fruit, sesame seed, one grain of rice) 4. The Middle Way Starvation didn't lead to salvation His companions left him when he accepted a meal of rice and milk one day He thus discovered the doctrine of Middle Way (rejection of sensual pleasure and rejection of extreme asceticism) A healthy spiritual life depends on a healthy physical life Spiritual happiness implies complete happiness in body, mind and Spirit. 5. The Enlightened One He sat in the lotus position under the tree and refused to leave before he had a soliton to salvation. Mara (God of death) was afraid he would succeed, he tried to frighten him from his spot. Mara sent his three daughters ( Discontent, Delight and Desire ), hoping to get Gautama.
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