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Test #2- First Quarter (3) - 6 Do not eat after noon A Do...

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The Three Marks of Buddhism 1. Anatta A. There is no ultimate essence a. Anicca B. Impermanence a. Existence is constantly changing b. Dukkha C. Buddhism is a cyclical religion 2. The most psychological of world religions A. Buddha has compassion B. In Theravada Buddhism there is often a stage of life where one is a monk 3. Tanha is the basis for human urgings 4. Recognized in Buddhism A. The Five Precepts 5. Do not take life A. Do not take what is not given B. Do not engage in sensuous misconduct C. Do not use false speech D. Do not drink intoxicants E. The Following five precepts are added on for monks and nuns
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Do not eat after noon A. Do not watch dancing or shows B. Do not use garlands, perfumes, or ornaments C. Do not use a soft or high bed D. Do not accept gold or silver E. Tripitika 7. "The Basket" A. Buddha's teaching B. Dharma 8. A Buddhists' teachings A. Pali 9. Language that Buddha taught in A. Ancient Indic language used in early Theravada Scripture B. Love in Action 10. Labor and fortitude A. Love in Dreams 11. Zosima 12. Russian Holy man in the last of the most spiritual novelist of all Russians of A. the 19th Century...
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