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Test #2- First Quarter (7) - Monastic Kingdom in Tibet B...

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Asoka (273-236 B.C.) 1. An emperor of India who formally endorsed Buddhism A. Chan Buddhism 2. Reformed Buddhism in China A. Beginning of Zen Buddhism B. Eisai was a man who promoted Rinzai (1200 AD) C. Dogen was a man who promoted Soto (1225 AD) D. Sacred places of Buddhism 3. Tenzen Giatso - the real name of the Dalai Lama 4. Lama 5. A title given to a Tibetan priest, doctor, or holy man A. Lhaksa 6. Most important site of all Tibetan Buddhism
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Unformatted text preview: Monastic Kingdom in Tibet B. Former residence of the Dalai Lama prior to excile C. Koan 7. In Rinzai Zen, a verbal puzzle used to frustrate rational thought A. Buddha images 8. The dot on the forehead represents the inner eye- an ESP of sorts A. Large earlobes represent acute hearing, able to hear what others cannot B. D.T. Suzuki brought Zen Buddhism to the United States in the 1950s 9....
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