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Test #2- First Quarter (9) - 5 An insight with a limited...

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Arhats are revered as great fgures who are not living among us 1. Bodhitsatvas are revered as great fgures who are still among us 2. When Buddha leaves the bodhi tree, he encounters the ascetics and gives his 3. sermons DiFFerentiate between 4. Mahayana A. Theravada B. Tibetan/Vajrayana C. Zen D. Satori
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Unformatted text preview: 5. An insight with a limited duration A. An "aha" moment B. John Housten Smith was a Westerner who went into a Buddhist monastery 6. He had a satori when he was sick and angry, then his satori moment occurs A. when he realizes that sickness is but a state oF mind...
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