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Ummah - Islamic community 1. Qur'an - Koran, literally means reading or recitation, the primary sacred text of 2. Islam Khadija - the wife of Muhammad, he worked for her as a caravan manager 3. before they married Sunna - "the custom of the prophet", the teachings of Muhammad and the 4. Koran Hijra - Muhammad's Fight from Mecca to Medina 5. Muhammad's Life 6. born 570 AD in Mecca to nomadic parents, his parents were polytheistic A. orphaned when he was young B. he took a job leading caravans and he married Khadija C. he went to a cave on Mount Hira to meditate D. in 610 Gabriel appeared to him in the cave and commanded him "recite"
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Unformatted text preview: E. The Night of Power and Excellence - beginning of his career as a prophet, ±. starts to recieve the Koran he gets some followers in Mecca G. he is forced to leave Mecca and he goes to Yathrib (later called H. Medina ), called the Hijra he becomes the administrator of the city, he ²ghts Mecca and is able to I. return by the time he dies most of Arabia is converted to Islam J. Muslims think that Abraham and Moses and Jesus were all prophets just like 7. Muhammad One night Muhammad was miraculously transported to Jerusalem where he 8. ascended into heaven...
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