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Test #2- Second Quarter (4) (1)

Test #2- Second Quarter (4) (1) - 7 Leader oF the Ottoman...

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The fight over succession after the death of Muhammad 1. Fatima A. Daughter of Muhammad a. 652 AD was the first authoritative text of the Qur'an 2. Shi'ites 3. Believe in all of the basic beliefs of the Qur'an A. Have different devotions, beliefs, and shrines B. Avicenna 4. Scholar who translated Aristotle and other Greek texts into Arabic A. Was also a mathematician B. Averroes 5. Scholar who did translations and was a notable scientist in the Arabic world A. Saladin 6. Defeated Jerusalem and allowed Christians to enter the Holy Land even A. after he had defeated Richard the Lion Hearted Suleyman
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Leader oF the Ottoman Turks A. Had the widest conquest oF anyone prior in Islamic rule B. Took over Constantinople C. Turkish Moguls constructed the Taj Mahal 8. Sufsm 9. Started in the 8th Century A. Al-Ghezali (1058-1111) B. Wrote a book that talked about the renewal oF religious liFe a. Put in place Shayks and established Whirling Dervishes b. Known as the Founder oF Sufsm in terms oF its structure c. Al-Rumi (1207-1273) C. Known as the greatest Suf poet a. The goal oF the Suf is the extinction oF one's senses D. Al-Fana a....
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