Test #2- Third Quarter (1)

Test #2- Third Quarter (1) - 7. Renouncing of pleasures for...

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Secare 1. Latin for "to cut" or "to divide" A. Sexuality 2. A gift from God for the purpose of furthering God's plan for man A. Chastity 3. Proper ordering of one's sexuality according to one's call A. Lust 4. Overindulgence in the sexual realm A. Improper or inordinate use of one's sexual drive B. Modesty 5. Proper and chaste dress A. Hedonism 6. Pleasure is the only intrinsic good A. Ascetic
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Renouncing of pleasures for the worshiping of a higher power A. Repression 8. To hold something or force something into the unconscience A. Suppression 9. Conscientiously refraining from doing something A. Sublimation 10. Expressing personally or socially unacceptable impulses in a constructive or A. acceptable form Projection 11. L....
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