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Test #2- Third Quarter (2) - A Matthew's Gospel has the...

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Projection 1. Defense mechanism whereby we Fnd our feelings both wanted and A. unwanted laid upon other people Asceticism's purpose is to draw oneself closer to God 2. Androgyny 3. No sexual or gender differentiation A. Radical feminism 4. "our bodies are our own"- our bodies are possessions of God as Temples of A. the Holy Spirit Grave 5. Both intention and will are necessary to make a thought or something grave
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Unformatted text preview: A. Matthew's Gospel has the Sermon on the Mount 6. Here Jesus addresses lust and adultery A. Hallmarks of Sexuality in the Catholic Tradition 7. There is differentiation A. Physical a. Psychological b. Mother's intuition 1. There is equality B. There is complementarity C. There is integration D....
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