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Reading CCC: 2348-2352 1. In Engagement there is more intimacy, a closer relationship than that would be 2. expected of just a normal dating relationship Chastity in continence A. Three Types of Chastity 3. Spouses (conjugal) A. Widows/single B. Virgins/life of celibacy C. In marriage, there exists a conjugal 4. chastity Faithfulness to one another A. Continence 5. No sex until marriage A. Types of love 6. Filial love A. Brotherly love/friendship love a. Erotic love B. Sexual love a. Storge love C. Familial love a. Agape (caritas) love D. Love that implies the good of another a. Sacri±cing love b. Narcissistic love E. Inordinate love of oneself a. Any form of love, must be built upon the love of oneself
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Masturbation in terms of Catholic teaching 8. In and of itself it is grave matter and considered sinful A. Moral culpability is dependent upon situations B. These situations can be determined to reduce moral culpability C. Maturity a. Acquired habit b. Conditions of anxiety or other psychological or social factors c. Use of masturbation for invetro fertilization is an illicit act D. Morally wrong a. Homework: CCC 2353-2356 Spirit pp. 17-22 Review a homosexual movie Fr. Joel's reaction when Nolan argued masturbation was ok...
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