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Test #2- Third Quarter (5) - A Autoerotic behavior B Sexual...

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Concupiscence 1. The carnal desire we manifest that stems from our original sin A. Prostitution 2. The act of providing sexual services for some sort of payment A. A social scourge B. Pornography 3. The use of visual or print media to present sexual activity or the human A. body in a degrading, depersonalized, and prurient way Use of pornography will include further consequences including cheapened B. image of sexuality and false world view in fantasy William Douglas stated when asked what porn was "I know it when I see it" C. Art is differentiated because of it's intent and is not meant to degrade and D. depersonalize the human body Masturbation 4. Deliberate stimulation of sexual organs in order to provide sexual pleasure
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Unformatted text preview: A. Autoerotic behavior B. Sexual behavior done by oneself a. Stereotypes for heterosexuals 5. Don Juan A. Suave womanizer a. Male out for sexual conquest b. Casanova B. Romantic individual a. Derived from the writings of a man who wrote of his sexual encounters b. Male out for sexual conquest c. Lothario C. Interchangeable with males out for sexual conquest a. Femme fatale D. A woman interested in seduction and then dropping or destroying the a. man Black widow E. Attracts and uses men, then drops them and abuses them a. The spider eats her mates b. Homework: CCC: 2357-2359 Spirit: pp. 17-21 Writing Assignment...
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