Test #2- Third Quarter (6)

Test #2- Third Quarter (6) - A those expected by society...

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Reading: CCC- Spirit- "The Teacher of Wisdom" Homosexuality 1. Predominant physical attraction towards members of one's own sex, that A. persists into adulthood Invert B. An individual who from the earliest time has had an attraction to the a. same sex Situational homosexuality C. Heterosexuals who engage in homosexual behavior for a period because a. of the time and place in which they Fnd themselves Causes of homosexuality D. Born with this orientation a. Environmental and genetic factors b. May predispose one to the orientation, not predetermine 1. Social settings c. Lesbian E. Homosexuality among women a. Gay ±. Typically homosexual orientation among males a. Homophobia G. Irrational fear or hatred of homosexuality a. Androgyny 2. A person who has no sexual afFliation or preference one way or another A. Asexual 3. One who has no real sexual responsiveness A. Can be caused by thyroid problems B. Transgendered 4. The practices of an individual whose gender roles and behaviors differ from
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Unformatted text preview: A. those expected by society from said anatomy Transexual 5. Those who have undergone a surgery in order change their gender A. Bisexual 6. Individuals who live their lives having sexual experiences with both genders A. Express their attraction and sexual affection for people of both sexes B. In adults, it is not an integrated sexuality C. Stereotypes 7. Gender role stereotyping A. CCC says that homosexuals must be accepted with respect, compassion, and B. sensitivity Etiology 8. The study of causes A. Oscar Wilde 9. Wrote "The Teacher of Wisdom" A. Wrote it while in jail a. In jail for buggery B. Term refers to homosexual relations a. Was married but was found guilty for his homosexual acts C. Born in Ireland D. Became a Catholic at the end of his life E....
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Test #2- Third Quarter (6) - A those expected by society...

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