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Filial Relationships in the Bible 1. Ruth and Naomi A. Jonathan and Daniel B. Raphael and Tobias C. Jesus and John D. Martha and Mary Magdalene E. Bartemus and Paul F. Paul and Philemon G. Involuntary vs. Voluntary Singles 2. Involuntary A. Could include homosexuals a. Widows b. Widowers c. Physically impaired d. Brideshead Revisited e. Sebastian Flyte 1. Homosexual A. Voluntary B. Bachelor a. Spinster b. A woman who refuses to marry 1. Gave themselves to professions
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Brideshead Revisited 3. Sebastian Flyte A. Alcoholic a. Lady Marchmain B. Sebastian's mother a. Charles Ryder C. Friend of Sebastian a. Enters the Marchmain family by being a friend of Sebastian b. Post WWII England D. Sebastian and Charles meet at Oxford E. Evelyn Waugh F. Wrote Brideshead Revisited a. Male b. Charles Ryder is the character in which we can see Evelyn c....
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