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Church of Christ Science (Christian Scientists) 1. Mary Baker Eddy A. A long line of American founders of religions a. Had a unique experience and transferred that into a new religion b. Created Church of Christ Science c. She wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures d. Created in the 1880s in Massachusetts B. The Frst church established by the Christian Scientists was in Boston C. ±lagship church a. Christian Science Monitor D. ±lagship newspaper for many years a. The religion also had radio stations and Christian Science reading rooms in E. major cities Jehovah's Witnesses 2. Also known as Watchtower Bible or Tract Society A. Charles Taze Russell B. ±ounded Jehovah's Witnesses a. Started in Pittsburgh C. OfFcial center is Brooklyn, New York a. Reject military service and any oath or promise one has to make to the D. government
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Unformatted text preview: Emphasis on the Book of Revelation E. Base their fundamentalist beliefs on the prophecies of Russell ±. Utilize Russell's Studies in the Scriptures a. Use the New Testament G. Their places of worship are called Kingdom Halls H. Believe that with the return of Christ there will be a redemptive payoff I. The followers are among the lowest in their level of education J. Seventh-Day Adventists 3. ±ounded by William Miller and Ellen White A. Ellen White took up leadership after the death of Miller B. Big on healthcare C. ±ounded in 1844 in the Burnt Over District, NY D. Relocated to Battle Creek, Michigan 1855 a. Aurora University used to have a religious afFliation with the Seventh-Day E. Adventists Believe the seventh day is the sabbath as Saturday ±....
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