Test #3- First Quarter (2)

Test #3- First Quarter (2) - A. Shu 12. Reciprocity A. Do...

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Confuscianism became the ofFcial religion of China during the Han Dynasty 1. Han Dynasty (200 B.C. - 200 A.D.) 2. Confuscianism acts as a guideline in Chinese government 3. There is no heaven in our sense for the religion of Confuscianism 4. There is an amorphous place where people go A. The ±ive Books of Confuscianism 5. The Analects A. The Book of Mencius B. The Great Learning C. A codiFcation of Confucian teachings a. The Doctrine of the Mean D. An idea of a balanced way a. Yi Ching 6. The Book of Changes A. The Chinese culture mixes and matches different religions given the situation 7. Death, they use Buddhism A. Exorcism, they use Buddhism or Daoism B. The western name of Confucious was given to K'ung ±u'tzu by Jesuit 8. missionaries Tai-Chi 9. Bodily motion in which one centralizes and harmonizes all of their energies A. ±ive Classics 10. Book of history A. Book of poetry B. Book of music C. Book of changes D. Book of rites E. Jen (pronounced ren) 11. Humaneness, agape, doing one's best towards others
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Unformatted text preview: A. Shu 12. Reciprocity A. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you B. Li 13. Proper ritual in the manners of ediquette and behavior dependent upon A. setting/situation Qi 14. Vital energy A. Wu-lun 15. The Fve relationships that control the reciprocal Confucian society A. Father and Son B. The father should treat the son with affection/love a. This implies respect b. Both must be manifesting this to work c. Ruler and subject C. Subject owes ruler duty a. Ruler owes subject duty as well b. Husband and Wife D. Friendship E. Loyalty a. Old and Young F. Young owe the old respect a. Old owe the young wisdom they have acquired and passing on b. Chun-tzu 16. The perfect person "gentleman" in Confuciansim A. Yi 17. Justice A. Basic Righteousness B. Te 18. Patriotism, loyalty, right governance A. Proper governing B....
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Test #3- First Quarter (2) - A. Shu 12. Reciprocity A. Do...

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