Test #3- First Quarter (3)

Test #3- First Quarter (3) - A Wu-Wei 8 Inaction A Allowing...

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Pu 1. The notion that one sees things as they are A. Symbol of Daoism B. The uncut block C. Requires us to resist to avoid carving, controlling, and managing it D. The uninterfered with state of things E. Daoism 2. Can be divided into two strands A. Philosophical a. Chuang-tzu 1. Dao De Ching 2. Religious (popular) b. Elixir 3. Something that sustains life A. Alchemy 4. Trying to turn metal into gold A. The immortals 5. The people who exist in this heavenly place where you would see nothing A. but old age and wisdom and no death Can be seen in landscape paintings B. This is the place where the people who are the most wise and have attained C. elixirs Elixirs attained through alchemy a. Acupuncture 6. A way in which energy is recognized in the body and then maximizing it's A. potential Herbal medicines 7. Placebo medicines
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Unformatted text preview: A. Wu-Wei 8. Inaction A. Allowing things to happen B. Let it be as it is C. Not trying to force the issue D. Gui 9. Earthly (yinnish) spirits that are troublesome because they remind us of A. what is posessive to this earth Comes from the dark B. Shen 10. Heavenly (yangish) spirit A. Divination 11. Finding out what really is the accurate interpretation of a phenomenon A. Feng-shui 12. The interaction of wind and water A. The balance that is created between the balance if wind, water, air and B. environment The way that things conform to the atmosphere C. Establishing a oneness with nature as it is D. Geomancy E. The way in which auspicious sites for building anything are dependent a. upon the balance of the environment...
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Test #3- First Quarter (3) - A Wu-Wei 8 Inaction A Allowing...

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