Test #3- First Quarter (4)

Test #3- First Quarter (4) - 5 Wu-wei.non-interference A...

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Wen 1. Cinfuscianist term for the cultural arts A. Calligraphy a. Archery b. Poetry c. Music d. Charioteering e. Mathematics f. Te 2. Viruitous leadership A. Lead by modeling B. RectiFcation of the Name 3. Respect and honor comes along with a title given A. With the name comes the fulFlling of the service it implies B. Principal Confucian virtue 4. Ren- compassion A. Principal Daoist Virtue
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Wu-wei. ...non-interference A. The Trunk of Goodness 6. Behavior towards brothers and elders A. Chi 7. The energy A. Ho 8. The channel for the energy A. Dybbuk 9. Judaism's trickster Fgure A. Bagua 10. Typical Daoist symbol which includes the yin and yang as well as the A. various types of environmental symbols...
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