Test #3- First Quarter (6)

Test #3- First Quarter (6) - 7 Confucianism is about...

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Torii 1. An archway marking the entrance A. Grand Imperial Shrine 2. Located at Ise A. Dedicated to Ameratsu B. After World War II, Emperor Hirohito revealed that he was not divine 3. Was forced to tell the people by the United States A. Kojiki 4. The saga recounted pp. 168-169 A. The existence story of the gods B. Koyoto 5. Holy city for Shintoism A. Revered and has various shrines B. Women only have a big role in Soka Gakkai Shinto 6. A sect that developed post World War II A. ??????
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Confucianism is about relationship 8. Daoism is al about nature 9. Chu Hsi was the founder of Neo-Confuciansim 10. Yin and yang are the two complementary aspects of both of and all human 11. life Yang aspects in maleness, sense of brightness, sun, our rational mind A. Yin, what we can't see all the time, what is intuitive, what is female, what is B. spontaneous Qi is the vital energy tapped into during acupuncture 12....
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Test #3- First Quarter (6) - 7 Confucianism is about...

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