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Voodoo 1. Voodoo can be seen in practice in Haiiti A. Homeopathic medicines are those that are found naturally to cure illnesses B. Different types of magics C. White magic- to help a person a. Black magic- to harm a person b. Voodoo has symbols which include D. Serpent deity of Damballah a. The demon 1. Voodoo dolls b. Characteristics of Voodoo
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Unformatted text preview: E. Homeopathic medicine contributes to the practice of magic as well as a. rituals and rites Rastifarianism 2. They used Marijuana as a part of their practices A. Candomble 3. Animal sacriFces and ancestor worship are typical A. Have Terreiros as their house if worship B. Santeria 4. A....
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