Test #3- Second Quarter (4)

Test #3- Second Quarter (4) - E. emotional nature Main-Line...

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Pentecostal Churches or Holiness Churches 1. Called charismatic churches A. Signs of Pentecostal worship B. Physical healings a. Glossolallia is a characteristic of the churches b. Unintelligible praise of God 1. Famous People C. Aimee Semple McPherson a. Accomplished sermonizer and singer 1. Used the radio effectively to evangelize 2. Billy Sunday b. Baseball player 1. Jimmy Swaggart c. Televangelist 1. Elmer Gantry D. Book by Sinclair Lewis a. Elmer Gantry b. Pentecostal Preacher A. Main character of the novel B. In Latin America and Africa have had great growth due to its highly
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Unformatted text preview: E. emotional nature Main-Line Denominations 2. Protestant A. Episcopal a. Lutheran b. Methodist c. Presbyterian d. Baptist e. American Evangelicalism 3. Billy Graham was the single most prominent Protestant minister from A. 1950-1980 Bill Hybels B. Founder of Willow Creek a. Rich Warren C. Started Saddleback Church a. No hierarchical structure D. Preachers are male E. Developed particularly in England F. Pat Robertson G. Blamed hurricane Katrina on the sexual life of the people of New Orleans a....
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Test #3- Second Quarter (4) - E. emotional nature Main-Line...

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