Test #3- Second Quarter (5)

Test #3- Second Quarter (5) - a. Membership I. People who...

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New Age 1. Used at times alchemy ...turning metal into gold A. Magic can be considered a part of the New Age religion B. Possesses a transcendantal philosophy C. Theosophy D. The belief in a god who embraces a control of all nature and everything a. in the world Seance E. Able to contact other people in different lives a. Geographically centered in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Boulder, Colorad o F. Crystals are used to communicate with other spirits G. Spiritualists H. Claim to have contact with other people in different lives
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Unformatted text preview: a. Membership I. People who have not been raised in religion tend to gravitate to New Age a. Yoga J. A religious ritual in the sense that it is a religious practice a. Concern for ecology and environment K. Jungian Psychology L. Jung a. Student of Freud 1. Was a Christian 2. Helped found the set of categories in psychoanalysis 3. Tom Cruise was temporarily a part of the New Age Religion M....
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