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Test #3- Second Quarter (6)

Test #3- Second Quarter (6) - B Sect or break o±± o± the...

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Parker's Back 1. Short story by Mary Flannery O'Connor A. She is considered a great American Catholic fiction writer a. Setting B. Alabama a. Parker asked the tattoo artist to put a Byzantine style Jesus on his back, one C. that possesses piercing eyes Cimabue Crucifix 2. 13th Century Cross painted by the Italian Artist Cimabue A. African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) 3. Appeared in 1816 A. First organized in Philadelphia and soon spread B. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (E.L.C.A.) 4. Mainstream Lutheran church in the United States
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Unformatted text preview: B. Sect or break o±± o± the Lutheran Church a. Anglican Church 5. Named in 1783 The Episcopal Church o± North America A. Has some di±±erent practices than those o± the Anglican Church a. Roan Williams B. Archbishop o± Canterbury a. Spiritual head o± the Church o± England b. Can be split into the high church and the low church C. High Church has a very Catholic understanding o± the liturgy a. Society o± Friends 6. Originated in Pennsylvania ±rom the work o± William Penn A....
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