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Test #3- Second Quarter (7)

Test #3- Second Quarter (7) - a people She prepares for the...

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Evangelical Movies 1. "Left Behind" A. Tim Lehaye wrote novels on the notion that after the rapture (second a. coming) there would be some people who were not taken to heaven and others who will remain on earth Movie on Rapture b. "Elmer Gantry" B. Originally a Sinclair Lewis Novel a. Main character is Elmer Gantry b. Meets Sister Sharon c. Becomes a preacher after conversion by Sister Sharon d. "Wise Blood" C. Based off of Flannery O'Connor book a. A man pursues a life as a preacher b. "Leap of Faith" D. Preacher is Steve Martin a. "Inherit the Wind" E. Bible belt of America in Tennessee in 1925 a. "Footloose" F. "Higher Ground" G. About an 18 year old girl who converted to a radical group of religious
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Unformatted text preview: a. people She prepares for the rapture b. "The Apostle" H. Robert Duvall a. Preacher goes to Texas to preach and eventually the law catches up with b. him "Tender Mercies" I. Robert Duvall a. Former singer and alcoholic goes to preach b. "There Will Be Blood" J. A single dad in the oil business and it talks about how he tears up a town a. A preacher tries to extort money out of the oil tycoons b. "Marjoe" K. Documentary about a child preacher and how they are used in the a. Evangelical faith Common themes in Evangelical Films 2. Evangelical preacher A....
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