Test #3- Second Quarter (8)

Test #3- Second Quarter (8) - B. eternal reward Thus...

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Religions on the Test 1. Mormons A. Christian Scientists B. AME C. Jehovah Witnesses D. Seventh Day Adventists E. Disciples of Christ F. Evangelical a. Church of God in Christ G. Pentecostal a. American Theosophical Society H. A forerunner of New Age a. Theosophists 2. Believe in communication and reincarnation of the dead A. Believe in the touching and control of the mind B. The Occult 3. Religious Syncretism 4. That type of religion which combines many religious into one A. Mind cure 5. Fixing of ailments using mental power A. Pentecostal Service 6. Lots of music, dancing, speaking of tongues A. Evangelical 7. A more preaching centered religion A. Mormons 8. Men are required to spend time in missionary service A. Believe that we have been birthed from people who have already reached
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Unformatted text preview: B. eternal reward Thus concerned with genealogy a. Evangelicalism 9. Any new life church, church of god, church of Christ, community church, A. the more local the more likely it is to be evangelical Splits off into many different ways B. Billy Graham is along the lines of Evangelical C. Pentecostal (Holiness Churches) 10. Almost always have healing and speaking in tongues A. Oral Roberts is a Pentecostal B. Anabaptists 11. Created by Menmo Simmons A. Started in Germany B. Believe in things like the frst Christian community shown in Acts C. Amish D. Mennonites E. Hutterites F. The Pennsylvania Dutch were German speaking Europeans who came to 12. live in Pennsylvania...
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Test #3- Second Quarter (8) - B. eternal reward Thus...

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