Test #3- Third Quarter (1)

Test #3- Third Quarter (1) - 1. Jean Donovan A. Went as a...

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Jean Donovan 1. Went as a missionary to El Salvador during the nation's civil war A. Her purpose of going to the nation was going to help those who were the B. victims of the civil war on either side She and her companions were murdered by the National Guard C. The women were killed and sexually abused by their killers D. The story of Susanna and the Elders 2. Found in the book of Daniel A. Separated the two elders who were voyeurs lusting over Susanna bathing B. The elders take her to court and accuse her of the crime C. Give con±icting evidence when they were separated D. Sexual Abuse 3. The invasion of an individual's sexual boundaries by someone who A. possesses emotional, physical, or spiritual in±uence or power over the individual Best to be dealt with quickly and have the proper authorities alerted B. Reestablish the boundaries as quickly as possible and contact the proper a. authorities Sexual misconduct 4. Legal connotation typically involving the violation of professional
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Test #3- Third Quarter (1) - 1. Jean Donovan A. Went as a...

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