Test #3- Third Quarter (4)

Test #3- Third Quarter (4) - 5 was connected with the...

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Spirit Pages 357- 1. Account of Ana Carigan about the missionaries and Jean Donovan who A. traveled to El Salvador Spirit Pages 297- 2. Junkie Priest A. Father Daniel Egan a. Helps drug addicts 1. Helps women coming out of prison by building a half-way house and 2. helping them to avoid drugs after they are paroled Helen B. Nurse who had an addiction a. Lois C. Actor who had a heroine addiction a. Spirit Pages 386-393 3. Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson A. Wrote "In the Convent Chapel" a. About a convent in England 1. The order focuses on perpetual intercession for sinners 2. A ±ctional account of a visiting priest 3. Their devotion is to the tabernacle and the blessed sacrament 4. The priest sees a woman praying and has a vision of how the woman
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Unformatted text preview: 5. was connected with the sacrament Had thought that his devotion was more worthwhile but his vision 6. showed him otherwise and that each person's purpose was relative and important in and of itself Celibate Chastity 4. The voluntary renunciation of marriage in order to live in continence for the A. purpose of achieving perfect chastity In theology B. Sign of God's kingdom a. Radical way of imitating Jesus b. A public witness to the paschal mystery c. Signs of a healthy religious celibate C. A variety of friendships a. A strong practice of prayer b. A life of discipline c....
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