Test #3- Third Quarter (5)

Test #3- Third Quarter (5) - of her infant son The priest...

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Eunuchs 1. Castrated males who guard the queen A. Jesus talks about celibacy in the Gospel 2. Matthew 19: 12 A. Expresses conditions for religious celibacy a. Luke 20 B. Talks about celibacy because in the kingdom of heaven there is no a. marriage as we know it St. Paul 3. In 1 Corinthians 7, he talks about how one can give undivided attention to A. the Lord more fully if they are not married as opposed to in marriage The Diary of a Country Priest 4. A priest wanted to help a woman come to grips with her troubles as she A. deals with her bitterness from alienation from her family as well as the loss
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Unformatted text preview: of her infant son The priest helps her to get reintouch with God B. The priest deFnes hell as "not to love anymore" C. Madame la Comtesse was the woman in the story D. Show spiritual paternity E. Robert Bresson ±. Created a movie on the book The Diary of the Country Priest a. Madame la Comtesse resented her husband because he cheated on her G. The priest explains to her that everyone is in the same Kingdom of God H. She had a locket with hair of her infant child in it I. The priest went into the Fre to retrieve the locker after she threw it in a. there...
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