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Test #4- Second Quarter (5)

Test #4- Second Quarter (5) - a Robert Bellarmine was the...

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Galileo said that in order to understand the Bible it is necessary to take into 1. account the understanding of the writers at their time In Proventissimus Deus Pope Pius XI stated that we should not shy away from 2. biblical criticism because " Truth cannot contradict truth " The trial of Galileo 3. Tried by ten Dominican Cardinals A. The Pope's brother and nephew were on the panel of Dominicans
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Unformatted text preview: a. Robert Bellarmine was the head of the Holy OfFce of the ±aith at the time B. Jesuit Priest a. " Eppur si muove " C. The earth moves a. Statement of Galileo after his trial that said, nevertheless, the earth is 1. still moving around the sun The truth is on his side 2....
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