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Test #4- Second Quarter (7)

Test #4- Second Quarter (7) - Hammer of the Witches" a...

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Paganus 1. Latin meaning " inhabitant of the country " A. Neo-paganism 2. Egyptian religions A. Druids B. Church of all worlds C. Earth spirit community D. Wicca 3. Gaia A. Goddess of the earth a. Has connections with the Occult B. Highly feminist view C. Man-hating themes D. PITA would like the thoughts of the Neo-Pagans and Wiccans because they 4. don't want to harm anything Satanism 5. Malleus Malefactorum A. Latin for "
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Unformatted text preview: Hammer of the Witches " a. Book of the Middle Ages about conducting exorcism and witchcraft b. Relatively recent phenomenon B. Aleister Crowley C. Religious con-man a. Believed that he was the beast of the Apocalypse and that Satan's second b. coming was imminent Anton La Vey D. Founded Church of Satan in San Francisco a. Wrote the Satanic Bible b....
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