Test #4- Second Quarter (10)

Test #4- Second Quarter (10) - C Apoctoctesis D Heresy of...

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B'hai 1. Founded in the 19th Century A. Founded in Iran B. Offshoot of Islam C. Intense persecution of B'hai in Iran D. B'hai center in the United States is in Wilmett, Illinois E. Center of the whole religion is Tel Aviv F. Esperanto was a language developed with the intention that it would be the 2. world's universal language Never caught on A. Came about in the 1940-50 B. Unitarian Universalist Association 3. Profess roots from universal salvation A. God would do away with hell and all people would be saved B. Takes its roots from the heresy of Origins
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Unformatted text preview: C. Apoctoctesis D. Heresy of Origins a. New Age category of religions E. Procrustes 4. Would stretch people's arms and legs or cut them off so at they would ±t on A. the bed Agnosticism 5. Coined by Thomas Huxley A. Originated in the 19th Century B. Claiming that human reason cannot come to know God C. Atheism 6. Belief that there is no God A. Secular Humanist 7. Oblivious to any type of creator or organized religion A. Use a type of natural law B....
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