Court Cases - 1. Chimmel vs. California A. September 3,...

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Chimmel vs. California 1. September 3, 1965 A. Arrested for burglary of a coin shop B. Petitioner did not give permission for the search C. Three police ofFcers in the home in Santa Anna, California D. Search took about 45 minutes E. ±ound coins, medals, tokens, and other items ±. Unconstitutionally seized evidence was the plea of the Petitioner G. The warrant was invalid but it stood because of Police Good ±aith H. Rules on Search Incident to Arrest I. OfFcers thought that on the basis of a lawful arrest, they were allowed to J. search anyways Police asked wife to enter the home and she allowed it K. The petitioner had asked about the security of the coin shop, denied an L. invitation to a bike race and he declined Evidence comes from M. Petitioner told his neighbor about the break in a. Petitioner told the store owner that he was going to rob his place b. Asked about his most valuable articles 1. Asked about the alarm system 2. Showed the neighbor typewriters and said that they were "hotter than a c. three dollar bill" California court said that the search is good N. Not Ex Post ±acto because it does not disadvantage the citizens O. Search incident to arrest has been on the books since 1914 P. In Ribbinowitz in 1950 the court stated that the limits included the place of Q. the arrest The court has changed the limits seven times R. Dickerson vs. Minnesota 2. Contraband detected A. November 9, 1989 B. 8:15 PM a. Minneapolis, Minnesota C. Man leaving an apartment building that had been a notorious crack house D. Man turned around and walked away when he saw the squad car E. During pat down he felt a lump of contraband ±. Retrieved it from the pocket and found it to be crack cocaine G. Court says that the Terry Search was legal H. Court found that the seizure was illegal I.
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Illinois vs. Caballes 3. Illinois trooper stopped a man for speeding A. Daniel Gillette a. Second trooper went to the scene with a narcotics dog B. Craig Graham
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Court Cases - 1. Chimmel vs. California A. September 3,...

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