Chapter 38- April 18, 2011

Chapter 38- April 18, 2011 - • Thomas Sorinson was the...

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The Long telegram was associated with John Kennan The containment theory was the diplomatic and military policy to keep back the gains of the Soviet Union as they tried to expand The Truman Doctrine was proclaimed in April of 1947 Senator McCarren dealt with communism in the Senate Prosecuted Alger Hiss Margaret Chase criticized the actions of Joseph R. McCarthy June 5, 1947 was the day the Marshall Plan went into effect
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Unformatted text preview: • Thomas Sorinson was the principle speech writer for JFK • JFK and civil rights • Sent Marshals to help Freedom Riders ◦ Sent troops to help James Meredith ◦ Speech in response to non-violent demonstrators ◦ George Wallace was the governor of Alabama who tried to prevent a black girl • from attending the University of Alabama Chapter 38- April 18, 2011 A.P. U.S. History Apr 18, 2011 13:37...
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