Chapter 3- Hinduism - 1. Many Rivers to One Ocean A. Shri...

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1. Shri Ramakrishna A. Speaks of the harmony of religions in that "many rivers converging into a. one ocean", the rivers being religions, the ocean, the true God Path of Hinduism b. Converted from Hinduism to Islam 1. Eventually converted to Christianity 2. Rig Veda B. Hinduism's oldest sacred text a. It says: "God is one but men call him by many names" b. Mahatma Ghandi C. Emphasizes the words of the Rig Veda: "Even as a tree has a single trunk, a. but many branches and leaves, so is there one true and perfect Religion. .." The Sermon on the Mount was one of his favorite religious texts b. Human Destiny: From Worldly Realms to the Divine Beyond 2. Hinduism emphasizes the concerns of human beings A. The ultimate goal of Hindus B. Salvation through liberation from the constraints of the human condition a. They believe in reincarnation C. Can afford to be patient with the goal of liberation a. Moksha D. Hindu term for "liberation" a. A Sanskrit word which means "release" b. Def: a release from this ordinary, ±nite, limited realm of existence into c. the in±nite ocean of the divine In±nite being, in±nite awareness, and in±nite bliss d. One who has attained moksha is untied forever with the divine e. Monism E. Def: the doctrine that all reality is ultimately one a. Brahman F. Def: the eternal essence of reality and the source of the universe, beyond a. the reach of human perception and thought Discoverable only through the most profound contemplation b. Upanishads G. The ancient philosophical texts that form the basis of most Hindu a. doctrines Describes Brahman as neti, neti meaning "not this, not that" b. Atman
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Chapter 3- Hinduism - 1. Many Rivers to One Ocean A. Shri...

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