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April 15, 2011- Test #4

April 15, 2011- Test #4 - Lawyers should be consulted when...

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Palliative care is promoted by the Church Euthanasia is always seen as murder and is never permitted by the Catholic Church Removal of artiFcial respirators can be justiFed when there are the proper circumstances. .. We should not maintain the thought of vitalism, that life should be maintained at all costs DNR's are morally justiFable in certain cases when the proper forms have been Flled out Reserved, typically, for older individuals who are already failing in health The abbot is faced with power if attorney in an abbey community and has been faced with issues such as removing extraordinary means
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Unformatted text preview: Lawyers should be consulted when constructiong advanced directives • Chemotherapy and radiation are often effective therapies in treating cancerous • illnesses A person should be named in advanced directives to determine the steps to be • taken regarding palliative care Sicily Saunders was the founder of Hospice • Hemlock Society is one that argues for the rights to die • Argues for the ability to commit euthanasia ◦ Hemlock was a drug/poison which was often used in the ancient world ◦ Socrates used it to kill himself ‣ April 15, 2011- Test #4 Theology III Honors Apr 15, 2011 9:16...
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