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Test #4- April 18, 2011

Test #4- April 18, 2011 - • Her parents made the decision...

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Durable Power of Attorney is also known as Proxy There should be no difference in end-of-life treatments based upon mental abilities Karen Ann Quinlan had a seizure after a party with alcohol consumption She used an artiFcial respirator for 14 months Her Catholic parents, in consultation with the parish priest wished to remove the respirator Because she was adopted, the court held some responsibility and did not allow removal of the respirator Later it was removed and she lived for two years after Nancy Cruzan was a woman who after a car accident was in a PVS
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Unformatted text preview: • Her parents made the decision to remove the gastrointestinal feeding tube ◦ The courts allowed it ◦ Terry Schiavo was a woman who was in a PVS • Her husband, involved in an affair, wanted to have her gastrointestinal ◦ feeding tube and artiFcial removed Her devout Catholic parents wanted didn't want the means removed ◦ Husband won the case in the supreme court ◦ Test #4- April 18, 2011 Theology III Honors Apr 18, 2011 10:11...
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  • Supreme Court of the United States, Persistent vegetative state, Karen Ann Quinlan, gastrointestinal feeding tube, Catholic parents, devout Catholic parents

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