Test #4- May 4, 2011

Test #4- May 4, 2011 - brings about suicide Suicide has a...

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Females attempt suicide more often, but males are more successful in committing suicide and there are more male deaths by suicide than there are female Native Americans have, by far, a tendency to commit suicide Oftentimes involved in drug and alcohol abuse SAD- seasonal affective disorder The lack of sunlight in the arctic circle creates this affect which sometimes
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Unformatted text preview: brings about suicide Suicide has a higher rate in previous Soviet Union countries • Physician Assisted Suicide is the dominating role of suicides in the higher aged • groups Post-Partum Depression is the depression experienced by a woman after the • birth of their child Anomic means "without the law" • Test #4- May 4, 2011 Theology III Honors May 4, 2011 10:23...
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