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Test #4- May 9, 2011 - • cannot be implemented Typically...

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The CCC says that it is all right for governments to have the death penalty as an option in the case that it becomes necessary to protect society Commutation is the change of a legal punishment to a lesser degree Clemency is the lessening of a punishment to shorten the time or severity of the punishment Exoneration is the clearing of a crime that one was previously convicted, clears one's name Occurred oftentimes because of DNA testing A moratorium is a period of time where you cease to exhibit a legal statute, it
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Unformatted text preview: • cannot be implemented Typically on the death penalty ◦ Restitution is the giving of funds to make up for an action • Commutative justice. ...justice is done in the same manner as was previously ◦ taken against them Retribution is a term which refers to getting back at a person • Genocide is the systematic elimination of a people based on a nation, race, or • political association All forms of torture are not morally justiFable • Test #4- May 9, 2011 Theology III Honors May 9, 2011 10:30...
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