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Heaton Mitchell T. Heaton Father Basil Yender, OSB Honors Theology I 3 March 2009 Obadiah Biblical history plays host to various prophets and their prophecies. Among the books of the Bible, one section of the Old Testament is attributed the name the “Minor Prophets”. Among the twelve books of the “Minor Prophets” is the shortest book of the Old Testament: the Book of Obadiah (Freedman 979). Little is known about the author of this twenty-one verse work. Although the Bible gives nothing about his life, he is presumed to be a prophet from the kingdom of Judah. Some scholars date the life of Obadiah and his work near the reign King Jehoram (Bible.org). In contrast to others, this theory lacks credibility because of the very little evidence to support it and the context of the Book of Obadiah. Because the book speaks of the fall of Judah, it would logically follow that the event had occurred. Thus, the oracle contained within the book suggests a date of composition sometime in the fifth century B.C. (The New American Bible 959). Opposed to other prophetic books, the title of the Book of Obadiah provides no sequential data. The historical period in which the verses of the Book of Obadiah describe pertain to a period that saw the collapse of Edom. Because the name of the prophet tells very little, almost all of the information must be inferred using the contents of the prophecy itself. The
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Obadiah - Heaton Mitchell T Heaton Father Basil Yender OSB...

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