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FNR 103 INTRODUCTION TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION QUIZ 5 9 APRIL 2010 NAME_____________________________ ON THE ANSWER SHEET, MARK THE LETTER THAT CORRESPONDS TO THE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION. DO YOUR OWN WORK! _C___ 1. The gray wolf was restored to Yellowstone National Park because it was a top predator of the elk and deer populations there. This illustrates which part of the definition of biodiversity? A. the number of species in an area, B. the genetic variation within species, C. the ecological roles played by different species, D. the different habitats found in a region. _C___ 2. Taxol is a drug used to fight cancer that was first discovered in a plant found in the habitat protected for ____________________. A. teosinte, B. Pacific yews, C. spotted owls, D. trick question – drugs cannot be found in wild plants, they are made by large drug companies. __B__ 3. _______________ is the ancestor of modern corn, and may contain genes that would be useful in agriculture. A. taxol, B. teosinte, C. pacific yew, D. aesthetic pine. __B__ 4. The economic value of an endangered species can accurately estimated by the value of products we can get from it. For instance, the economic value of endangered trout in a stream is limited to the commercial value of the fish. A. True, B. False. THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF ANY SPECIES INCLUDES ALL THE RELATED VALUES ASSOCIATED WITH THE SPECIES. SO THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF A TROUT SPECIES WOULD INCLUDE THE VALUE OF CLEAN WATER, SCENIC BEAUTY, THE COST OF TRAVEL BY PEOPLE WHO GO TO THE AREA TO FISH, THE GUIDES THEY HIRE, THE FOOD AND LODGING THAT THE FISHERMEN PURCHASE, ETC. NOT JUST THE PRICE OF THE FISH ITSELF. __B__ 5.
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