Fall 2010 Stat 225 Syllabus

Fall 2010 Stat 225 Syllabus - STAT 225 Syllabus Fall 2010...

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STAT 225 Syllabus Fall 2010 Instructor : Mike Lawlor e-mail : [email protected] Office : Math G143 Mailbox in : Haas Head TA: Yong Wang ( [email protected] ) Course Coordinator : Ellen Gundlach ( [email protected] ) Office Hours : Any student can go to any Stat 225 instructor’s office hours. The office hour schedule will be posted on the course website. Textbook : Statistics for Business and Economics by Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams. South-Western, Thomson Learning, 11th Edition. We will cover chapters 1-7, and this book will be used in MGMT 305 starting with chapter 8. Other Materials : Scientific or Graphical Calculator, an activated Purdue Career account and a Perdisco account Website : www.stat.purdue.edu/~jtroisi/STAT225Fall2010.htm Grading : Final Grades will be determined using the following weights: The letter grade cutoffs for this course are: 90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, below 60 F. Cutoffs for +/- are TBD. The cutoffs will be decided after the final exams are graded. Grade Dispute: Your grades will be posted on Blackboard and you should check there often to make sure that the posted scores are correct. Before each exam, your instructor will let you know what grades are available and open for dispute. The deadlines for grade disputes are listed on the course schedule. No dispute will be accepted after the deadline. Weekly Quizzes : There will be a short 10 minute quiz on most Fridays (check schedule). These quizzes will be based on online homework assignments given earlier in the week (from Friday in the previous week to Thursday in the current week). Quizzes will be closed book and closed note with all relevant formula provided for you. Early quizzes might be granted at your instructor’s discretion with valid documentation. But no make up quizzes will be given. If there is a conflict, contact your instructor at least two days PRIOR to the class period of the anticipated conflict. Your lowest quiz score will be dropped. Computer Labs: There will be two computer lab days in which you will meet at the computer lab during class time. An assignment will be given at the beginning of class, and the lab will be due at the end of class. You will not be allowed extra time or to take the lab home. Each computer lab will be equivalent to one quiz. You may bring your book for step by step instructions on how to use Excel. Online Homework
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Fall 2010 Stat 225 Syllabus - STAT 225 Syllabus Fall 2010...

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