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Frisbee golf example for BCR etc

Frisbee golf example for BCR etc - Frisbee golf example...

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Frisbee golf example Suppose Chris is new to Frisbee golf. He is not very good yet, so the best he ever does on any given hole is a 3. However, he is very proud, so he never admits a score greater than 8, he will just say 8. How many possible different scores can Chris have on the first 9 holes? Drew is feeling tired, so he does not want to play all 21 holes at Ross Hills Park. He only wants to play 12 holes. In addition, he is feeling super lazy, so he will play whatever 12 different holes someone else picks in numerical order. How many different sets of 12 holes are possible in this scenario? Imagine that Scuba Steve is feeling adventurous. He wants to play 15 different holes but in any order whatsoever that Sean picks. How many ways can Sean direct Scuba Steve around the course? Challenging Question: Ross Hills Park has 14 holes on the front and 7 holes on the back. If you wanted to play the same amount of holes on each side (with no repeats), how many possible ways can you do this if the order in which you play the holes does not matter?
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