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faq3 - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Administrative Questions...

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS January 23, 2012 Administrative Questions Can you do examples with numbers? I’ll typically not plug in numbers, and I’ll also often skip standard algebra and computation steps that I know you all know how to do, as students usually tell me that spending much class time on this kind of thing is boring. If you feel uncertain of any missed steps, or have trouble filling them in yourself, please come by. Can you post the slides before class? I’ll try, and may succeed sometimes, but because it’s the first time I’m teach- ing this course, I’m sorry I can’t promise it (I am usually tweaking the lectures right up to class time). Is the project/research paper/presentation about anything related to astrophysics? Yes, pretty much– it can be anything that interests you. There does need to be some deliverable, however. I’m happy to give you feedback on any ideas you have. Can you clarify your expectations for the project? As described, the topic and format are completely open. It can be conven- tional, or not, as you prefer. For “amount of effort”, consider that it’s worth 20% of your grade. Please feel free to bounce ideas off me; I’m happy to give feedback at any time, and I will give formal feedback after you send in your proposal. I can also help you find resources or get in touch with people. Here are a few examples of projects I would consider to have appropriate scope: A standard research paper on the Event Horizon Telescope, say 20-30 pages. (Specific length is less important than quality.)
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A blog updated a few times a week over the course of the semester on interesting news in astrophysics.
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