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Duke University Department of Physics Physics 105 Spring Term 2012 CLASS PROJECT INFORMATION For this class, you will need to complete a project on an astrophysics- related topic of your choice. The class project is worth 20% of your grade (bonus points are possible). The project may take any form you like– a traditional research paper, a presentation, a video, a set of observations, an experiment, a set of interviews, a website, an extensive blog– basically anything you dream up, so long as it’s related to astrophysics. Feel free to be creative! However the project must result in some kind of “deliverable” in a form suitable to share with your classmates. By February 6 , you must write a brief (up to a page or so) proposal of what you want to do and send it to me for my feedback and approval (email is fine for this). By March 14 , you must submit a status report describing your progress so far. This status report is worth 2% of your grade ( i.e. 2 points out of 20
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Unformatted text preview: for the project). Please print this out and give it to me in class. You may choose to work with up to two classmates on this project, or you may do the project on your own. However please note that I expect the scope of the project to be proportional to the number of people involved. For multi-person projects, I ask also that you include an appendix with a statement describing in a few paragraphs the contribution of each person in the group. A collaborative project will receive a single grade, but I could in principle modify an individuals grade based on greater or lesser contribution to the project (although I would not expect to do this normally). You may end up modifying the content or scope of the project as you go along; if you need to do this in a substantial way, please keep me informed. Im happy to give feedback as you work. The projects deliverable must be made available by April 23 ....
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