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1 Marks: 5 What symbols are used on a system flow chart? The common symbols used on a system flow chart are: 1.) Process or Program symbol - Rectangle 2.) Input or Output Screen display Symbol - lopsided oval 3.) File or Database Symbol (two types) – Rectangle with curved sides or tube 4.) Document or Report Symbol – Rectangle with a curved bottom 5.) Manual Operation Symbol – Trapezoid 6.) File on Magnetic Tape Symbol – Oval with a line 7.) Connection between components Symbol - Arrow 8.) Communications Link Symbol – Lightning bolt 2 Marks: 5 What are the symbols used on a structure chart? 1.) Module - Rectangle 2.) Common subroutine module – Rectangle with a vertical line on two sides 3.) Boss module - Rectangle 4.) Called module - Rectangle 5.) Embedded module - Rectangle 6.) Boss module with iteration on called modules –Rectangle with 2 arrows at 45 degrees crossed with an arc arrow 7.) Boss module with a condition call – Rectangle with 2 arrows connecting to the rectangle
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Unformatted text preview: with a black diamond shape 8.) Control flag – small arrow with a solid black circle on the end 9.) Passed data & Returned data – small arrow with an ‘open’ circle at the end of the arrow 3 Marks: 5 Explain module coupling and module cohesion. Why are these concepts important? Module Coupling: The manner in which modules relate to each other Module Cohesion: A measure of the internal strength of a module These concepts are important in order to control quality. 4 Marks: 5 Describe how structure charts for three-layer architecture are different from those for all-encompassing programs that execute on a single computer system. Structure charts for 3-layer architecture are different because the software may execute on different machines connected via different protocols & deployment environments....
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