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1 Marks: 5 Which two models are used to do architectural design? Two layer and three layer. 2 Marks: 5 What is an enterprise-level system? Why is it an important consideration in design? An enterprise-level system uses multiple tiers of computers, is used in locations throughout an organization and share resources such as a common database. An important consideration in the design of an enterprise system is to determine whether the client/server configuration will be a stateless configuration such as used in an internet session where the client does not have a permanent connection to the server domain layer or a persistent/permanent connection where values in variables can be passed back and forth and are remembered by each component in the system. 3 Marks: 5 What is an API? Why is it important? An API is the set of well-defined interfaces (public methods) that is available to the outside
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Unformatted text preview: world to be accessed by other programs or external devices. It is important because it defines a common method for external or 3 rd party programs and devices to access the main interface or a set of feature from the main interface. 4 Marks: 5 What is the difference between the notation for problem domain classes and design classes UML does not distinguish between design class notation and domain model notation 5 Marks: 5 In your own words, list the steps for doing detailed design. 1.) Begin by selecting a use case using the Class-Responsibility-Collaboration model to begin the design. 2.) Figure out which problem domain class has responsibility for this use case 3.) Find which other classes will be required to work with with the primary object class to execute the use case....
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