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cont bus Assignment1 - A person who organizes operates and...

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A person who organizes, operates and assumes the risk of a business venture is defined as an entrepreneur. To a lot of people these individuals are crazy to be willing to sacrifice their financial well being on a series of ideas. I can relate to this small niche of “crazy” people. Within the following pages I will compare two well known and successful entrepreneurs, Anita Roddick and Jeffrey Hollender, by revealing their business practices. In doing so I will also be explaining how these practices affected consumer response to the products and how the organization used their newfound power. Lastly, I will be discussing whether or not profits have impacted the organizations ethical responsibilities and which entrepreneur’s leadership style I identify with most. The first organization that I’d like to discuss has been a favorite of mine for some time, The Body Shop. I knew that The Body Shop had some interests in social responsibility since they have no problem reminding you of them while you’re in their stores however I was surprised at the extent of their involvement. The Body Shop was started in the 1970’s by an English woman named Anita Roddick. Anita Roddick has her company based on her personal belief system. She explains in one of her books, Business as Usual that it was two simple ideas that steamed from one concept; “truths rather than hype.” Anita made this concept the guiding factor in all the decision making aspects of The Body Shop organization. From here Anita was able to set a foundation that lead to an enterprise of almost two-thousand stores internationally. From truth over hype, Anita decided all products to be sold in her store were never to be tested on animals or contain ingredients that were tested on animals and that any involvement with third world distribution or production would follow Fair Trade like guidelines (Roddick). Roddick came from an average middle class family, was well educated, married a man who was financial stable and worked in organizations, like the United Nations, that allowed her the luxury of travel. All these circumstance combine to create a greater world view. With all these understandings Anita was able to grasp a deeper meaning to her work than just the bottom line. Anita Roddick’s business ethics are rooted with the ideals of social responsibility. Social responsibility is simply defined as an obligation that an organization or an individual has to act in a way that will directly benefit society. This obligation can be considered passive by avoiding alleged harmful work or active by conducting works that progress communal goals. One example of this is her belief that products should not be tested on animals. The Body Shop’s practices of refusing to use ingredients or products tested on animals created the frontiers of Ethical
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P a g e | 2 Consumerism . As defined by , “ethical consumerism is the intentional purchase of products and services that the customer considers to be made ethically.” In addition to her work strengthening ethical consumerism she created an organization for
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cont bus Assignment1 - A person who organizes operates and...

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